Hey  Lightworker!

I’m just easing back into the office after a week of sacred journeying with a beautiful group of healers at the first ever Shadow Guide Immersion. If you had told me a few years ago that I would create a deck of oracle cards and be hosting an intuitive experience with souls flying in from across the country, I would have thought you were out of touch with reality. But today this feels like such a natural way of expressing and being in the world for me.

Maybe you can relate to perceiving yourself in a certain way and having a hard time imagining anything beyond that identity for yourself?

I’ve always been most comfortable with the identity of psychotherapist and even healer began to grow on me, but when it came to my intuitive nature, I never thought it would be the heart of my work as it is today and I certainly never imagined I’d publicly place intuitive in my biography for others to see.

I remember hosting a workshop on connecting to intuition for a group of my clients several years ago and in the opening circle I mentioned that this was a bit of a “coming out moment” for me as I owned my intuitive self in front of others. As I made this declaration, I noticed a look of confusion wash over their faces and I asked what it meant. They all laughed and said “Keri, we see you because we know you’re intuitive.” It occurred to me in that moment that maybe I was the last one to notice this part of my identity and was a bit amazed that others saw this in me even though I never publicly “advertised” or shared it.

Here’s what I’ve discovered…

Intuition is our original language.

It is our sacred inner knowing that is always waiting for our arrival when we are willing to tune in and hear it.

Over the years of trying to conform to societal belonging, we often allow ourselves to be seduced out of living with our native tongue.

I realized that in the comfort of my healing office, I allowed my most natural state of being to emerge even without my conscious awareness and I began to more consciously tune into how it supports my work and life. 

I sat with fears the rose up in me and said…

  • Is this empirically validated?
  • No one talked about this in grad school.
  • Are we allowed to be intuitive and a therapist?
  • What if what we’re sensing is wrong and we share it?

All of these fears asked for my presence and attention so that I could connect with my own inner knowing about what I was willing to give myself permission to express and experience in the therapy space with my clients and it’s been a vulnerable and freeing process to say the least.

When we speak of the ethics of intuition, for me it has to do with developing a conscious relationship with our ego self that may use intuition in an attempt to feel worthy or valued and thus engage from a disempowered energy with clients.

For me, the ethical use of intuition comes from an energy of empowerment and is used as a reflection back to someone’s higher self-knowing that may currently be out of their awareness. 

This state of empowerment invites a deep state of our own self-knowing so that we may hold this precious space with others. For me, it’s a continual willingness to own my energy and let others own theirs and it’s a deep honoring and trust in the sacred process unfolding between us and our clients. 

A few years ago I hosted a series of webinars on the intuitive process in the therapy room and they were my most attended webinars to date. This reflects me back to how curious we are about connecting with these parts of ourselves and how aligned it is for me to hold space for these sacred conversations. 

So to deepen into the ethics of intuition and celebrate the arrival of a new offering on intuition, I invite you to join me next week for a special free webinar: Activate Your Intuition in the Therapy Space on Tuesday February 28th at 8pmEST/5pmPST.

We’ll meet online for a community conversation and explore:

  • Ego Versus Intuition
  • Energetic Boundary Setting
  • Rituals that Reconnect You to Your Inner Knowing

Feeling a resonation to deepen into relationship with your intuition?

Click here to register free and receive login details

I can’t wait to hold this space together.

Gently down the intuition awakening stream,


More magic this week…

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