A Spin on Consistency in Practice Building

I’m feeling quite inspired in the last few weeks  and I’m feeling called to share the energy with you. I don’t know if it’s the time I’ve taken away from life as usual in Florida to spend 6 weeks in California or hosting a beautiful shadow intensive or Healer’s Retreat this weekend (I’m sensing it’s a combination of several things!), but regardless of the “why”, I’m celebrating this creativity and flow I’m welcoming.

Here’s something I’ve been sitting with lately…

We hear it all over the place…”consistency” is necessary in building our practice, right?

Messages like pick something and stick with it…blogging, social media posting, networking, branding, etc are so popular and easy to fall for.

I’ve bought into this myself and dare I admit I’ve also offered it as a Truth in some of my own work with healers while I was still unaware of the shadow of this concept.

Here’s the thing I’ve woken up to about consistency. It works…well, until it doesn’t.

What happens on the days I don’t feel like blogging or posting or networking or I want to change my branding?

Should I force myself to do it anyway?

Do I ignore my feelings and push through because “consistency” is king?

The shadow of consistency is that we are human beings not human doings (WHOA!) and the only thing that is constant for us is change.

When we try to commit to something that isn’t consistently aligned with our Truth or our desire, this energy is transferred into our actions and it can be felt and experienced by others. This energy of untruth carries a restrictive and resistant frequency which often translates as an ebb rather than a flow in our business.

Truth on the other hand carries a vibration of expansion and flow. What if we gave ourselves permission to instead be consistently truthful with ourselves as we choose actions in our practice?

This means that some days I may choose to connect on social media and others I won’t. Some days I may choose to blog and some I won’t (P.S. I haven’t blogged since April and my business has never felt more abundant financially or spiritually!). Some days I may choose to network and others I may not.

Imagine a boss that let’s you pick your own inspired actions each day!?

Oh wait, YOU can be that boss.

What I’ve found is that my when I give myself permission to do what FEELS right and honest to me in any given moment, then I AM consistent…consistent in Truth and authenticity and in my experience nothing contributes to growth more quickly than the Truth.

Don’t just take my word for it though. There are lots of energies at play that effect the experience we are having in our business.

I invite you to lean into this possibility and see what you notice.

If you find you’d ever like support identifying the patterns effecting your flow, I’m here for mentorship and support.

I’d love to hear your reflections…

Gently down the inconsistent stream,



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