Under the Hood of Your Healing Practice

I love using metaphor and analogies to understand complex situations.

I believe that our practices feel incredibly confusing and complex before we understand the energy and essence within them so today I’m sharing with you one of my favorite metaphors (or is it an analogy? I always screw up the difference between the two! lol) as it relates to understanding how your practice operates so you can feel empowered.

Over the years, I tried following many steps and strategies that people recommended to grow my practice.

Sometimes they worked.

Sometimes they sort of worked.

Sometimes they didn’t work at all.

This felt frustrating and left me feeling powerless.

Maybe you can relate?

If you are ready to understand the deep, inner workings of your soul mission and how your practice can be a beautiful reflection of what is asking for your attention, I invite you to watch this week’s vlog below (aka video blog) with me and my pal, Ernesto from Fylmit.com

Tell us in the comments below...

What's going on under the hood of your practice?


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