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If you are a healer who wants to experience ease in birthing your practice and services into being, but instead you’re finding yourself frustrated, scared, and struggling to bring your vision to life…

I’d love the opportunity to walk with you

I’ve discovered a deep vulnerability in giving ourselves permission to step into the world of entrepreneurship and allow our voices to be heard, our visions to be seen, and our hearts to be experienced.

Each month I offer a handful of complimentary soul sessions to connect with and support therapists and healers who want to experience the fullness of their soul purpose, but are finding it difficult to translate that desire into inspired action that welcomes abundant outcomes.

During these calls, I use my intuition and experience to tune into the energy of your work, your practice, and your soul mission. I will support you in identifying what you are allowing to keep you separate from your Truth so you can lean into the work you’re here to do and grow your practice with ease.

These calls are an opportunity for me to share the abundant generosity that was extended to me over the years by the many mentors that have held space for my awakening and also a chance for us to see if working more deeply together feels right.

Let’s  Hold  Space  Together

I know that doing our soul’s work in the world can feel like a confusing, rollercoaster ride at times. I’ve realized that when we don’t give ourselves access to our soul’s story and the unconscious energies at play, we become disconnected from our purpose and then a whole lot of nothing happens when we try to grow our businesses. 

I’ve also found it to be true that we can remember our soul’s story and journey in relationship with ourselves to welcome a shift in our experience. With a clear and compassionate mirror, we can awaken the healer within and begin to experience a beautiful flow of abundance and fulfillment doing the work we came here to do. 

Our visions don’t want to be forced or manipulated into being. They want to be seen, heard, and held so they can organically grow in the ways they are meant to serve the planet at this important time of awakening.

It is my experience that in balancing our masculine and feminine energies we begin working in harmony with ourselves and therefore we can attract our clients to us rather than feel like we’re constantly trying to pull them in. I no longer subscribe to the illusion that we have to work hard and push and force, but rather I live in a deep knowing that we can gently shake the world with our passion and purpose. 

Gently, gently down the stream…

I want to be transparent in sharing that I’m not under any delusion that you need me or the space that I hold or the wisdom I have remembered.  I trust that we each have everything we need within us.  If though as you connect with the words and energy of this page, you feel you want to welcome me onto your path to reflect you back to your inner knowing, then I’d be honored to journey with you to experience a sense of freedom and flow in your work.

I offer individual and community support for healing professionals. Together we customize a sacred experience that resonates with your unique needs at the present time. My work currently includes virtual soul mentorship experiences and also in person soul intensives in Orlando, Florida and San Diego, California.

If we decide to work together, single sessions start at $222 and admission into the Sacred Soul Circle starts at $1111 and includes a package of individual sessions, community support and more special treats. Payment plan options are available and customized based on the experience we co-create to honor your unique journey.

 Is it time for you to welcome support?

If you’re feeling called to have a compassionate mirror to reflect you back to your inner resources to take inspired action in your practice, let’s walk together and co-create a magical experience. Click below to fill out the application to connect.