What  People   Are  Saying…
“Messages From Shadow is the most piercingly accurate & intense oracle deck I have ever experienced. If you want to know what’s holding you back from experiencing abundance, love & peace, pull a card from Keri’s deck and allow your shadow to bring you crystal clarity.” Lloyd Burnett

Intuitive Life & Business Coach, Founder of LloydBurnett.com

“The Messages From Shadow oracle cards are a one of a kind self reflective tool. They have brought clarity and understanding to the parts of myself that I keep hidden and do not always want to look at. Finally, an oracle deck that represents all of our parts, not just the pretty ones.” Chonteau Blake McElvin

Intuitive Life Mentor, Sangoma, LLC

“The Messages From Shadow deck is powerfully accurate. I had the opportunity to experience a shadow reading during an intensive coaching session with Keri. I was surprised and moved by the accuracy of the shadow deck, which brought awareness to parts of myself I’d overlooked.”
Laura Reagan

Psychotherapist, Founder of Therapy Chat Podcast

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Messages  From  Shadow Oracle  Deck



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button-1   CardsForAboutPage   Messages From Shadow is a healing system that includes a deck of 34 oracle cards each intuitively designed, energetically activated, and mindfully attuned to the vibration of Truth and Love. The intention of this precious healing tool is to reflect us back to shadow patterns and themes expressing themselves in our lives that are asking for our loving healing through gentle presence.

 This deck isn’t all rainbows, unicorns, and glitter farts.

While the sparkle and Light are certainly aspects of our humanity, I birthed this sacred resource after years of feeling unfulfilled by the absence of my shadow self in other decks. When trying to reconnect with my Truth in moments of struggle, sadness, and frustration, I got tired of hearing: “everything is working out beautifully,” “all is divinely guided,” “you’re right on on track.” Ugh! Sometimes it sure doesn’t feel like that!

 In these moments, we want to know why it sucks.

This is the purpose of Messages From Shadow. Yes, a part of us may know that everything is always in divine order, but when in struggle, we are often seeking a clear and compassionate mirror to reflect us back to our blind spots. When you want a direct, yet gentle & honest resource that doesn’t sugar coat what you are ready to hear, this deck plays that role for you.

These cards tune into relationship and business energy.

Whether you want to know why a relationship is experiencing conflict, what your body is telling you through a particular symptom or sensation, why an emotional theme (jealousy, anger, fear, etc) is so consistent or bring light to what’s keeping your business/career from growing, the Messages From Shadow oracle deck is here to reflect you back to the Truth about the energies impacting these areas of your life.

This deck is the  Divine answer to my question…

What is it about the presence of certain people, places, relationships, decisions and circumstances that consistently wake up powerful feelings and behaviors in me that I don’t always understand?

Every  Messages  From  Shadow  Kit  includes…

  • A Deck of 34 (3.5″ x 5.75″) Energetically Activated Shadow Oracle Cards for Healing & Awakening
  • A 60-page Guide Booklet to Support Empowering Use of the Deck
  • A Black Velour Drawstring Bag (5″ x 7″) for Safe, Comfy Storage and Travel 


BacksForWebsite   This deck of 34 energetically activated healing oracle cards is a sacred tool created to support the awakening of what you already know and understand at the soul level of consciousness. The cards are not meant to predict the future, nor tell the story of the past, rather they vibrate at the frequency of the present moment and are intended to hold up a loving mirror for you to remember a Truth you’ve been hiding from yourself. This re-connection empowers you to move gently forward with less struggle and more peaceful inspiration in love, work and play. The deck is accompanied by a 60 page guide booklet that contains supportive information for using the cards, including attuning the deck for readings, rituals for before, during and after reading support, and a brief reflection, question, and healing mantra to honor each card. You can use the cards to welcome a reflection back to the Truth in an infinite number of ways.




Ask Questions

What shadow pattern (e.g. fear, judgment, scarcity, grief, power, etc) is currently manifesting in my life? What shadow pattern is currently playing out in this situation, decision, or relationship? Why do I keep having this feeling, reaction, or behavior in the presence of this person or situation?

Connect with the Past, Present, or  Future

Hold an intention to bring Light to past, present, and future patterns that you have, are, or will dance with.

Wake up to Shadows Manifesting in the Physical Body

Allow the cards to reflect you back to stories and patterns manifesting in the physical body. This resource can support you in waking up to what symptoms and sensations want you to know.

Tune into   Ancestor & Past  Life Influences for  Healing

Some of our most consistent issues are stored in our cellular memory and influenced by ancestor wounds and past life traumas. The deck is designed to offer a clear reflection for you to see when these energies are at play so you can give permission to heal and release them.

Energetically  Activated

Since the cards are energetically activated, each image vibrates at the frequency of clearing the shadow pattern it embodies. This energy invites you to gaze at the cards you feel led to pull to support the remembering, healing and clearing of patterns ready for release.

Use the Cards Personally or Professionally

This sacred resource is simple enough for anyone to use and also calibrated to support therapists, intuitives, coaches, and other healers for tuning into energy with clients as well. The accompanying guide booklet offers clear invitations on using the cards for personal readings and/or reflecting others back to themselves for healing and awakening.

Experience the Cards in   Action Click here to get a free Message from Shadow so you can experience the magic of this oracle deck first hand before making your purchase.   Private  Shadow Card  Readings From time to time, Messages From Shadow oracle card creator, Keri Nola offers private readings via phone or video conferencing. If you’re interested in being notified when availability opens, click here to join the interest list now.   Become a  Shadow  Guide The inaugural Shadow Guide Immersion experience will take place in 2017 opening with a 5-day retreat in Destin Beach, Florida and continuing virtually. This is an 11 month journey where we will dance with shadow energies in an intimate group of healers and explore how to hold space for shadow work by doing our own. We will also deepen into ways to use and experience the depth of the Messages From Shadow Oracle Deck and Healing System with ourselves and others.  If you’re interested in being notified when the next shadow guide experience opens for registration, click here to join the interest list now.  
Meet  the  Messages  From  Shadow Creator:  Keri  Nola   IMG_7703I used to hide behind fancy professional credentials because I thought that made me “good enough” to do the soul work I came here to do. After years of soul awakening and a willingness to shine a light in the dark spaces within, I now know that just showing up in the fullness of who I am is always enough. While my formal education and training is certainly a piece of the puzzle, today I realize I was born with my sacred super power inside me and each day I feel deeply blessed to remember that I’m here to hold space for our collective awakening. I am honored to witness the perfect imperfections in myself and others as I know the light is present even in the dark. I value compassion. I am moved by the power of gentleness. I know that my strength is born from a willingness to be vulnerable. I love the energy of allowing, attracting, and flowing. Most recently I birthed the Sacred Soul Circle where I work virtually with healers around the world supporting them in bringing their soul’s work to life by remembering the Truth of who they are. It would be an honor to walk with you on your journey if you’re feeling a resonation with Messages From Shadow. Gently down the stream… Keri   Official Bio Keri Nola, traditionally trained as a Licensed Psychotherapist, is an Intuitive Soul Guide, Best Selling Author, and Mentor for awakening healers worldwide. She owns Path to Growth, LLC an integrative healing center and creates sacred resources and experiences for those ready to remember the ancient wisdom within and stand in the Light of their Divine power. Keri shares her time between Central Florida and Southern California, feeling most at home by the water.
What is a  Message  From  Shadow? Beautiful question! “Shadow” simply means something in the dark.  When aspects of ourselves are hidden in our blind spots, we can feel confused about our feelings, reactions, behaviors, and/or symptoms making for a very painful life experience. A “Message From Shadow” is a gentle way to get information from parts of you that you are currently disconnected from so that you can bring loving presence and support to yourself when you are ready.   Can  I use the  Message From  Shadow deck even if  I am new to oracle cards? Absolutely! This is a gentle resource intended to support anyone ready to see parts of themselves that are hidden. There is a helpful guide booklet to walk you through your journey of getting to know the cards and most importantly to reconnect you with your own inner knowing. If you are a seasoned intuitive and/or card reader, you will likely find that the deck will calibrate to your vibration for accurate reflection and support as well.   When would  I use these cards? The Messages From Shadow oracle deck is meant to support you in reconnecting with your Truth.  Whenever you are experiencing uncertainty about a reaction to a relationship, experience, or symptom, you can use these cards to reflect you back to the Truth trying to get your attention.    There are so many decks out there, how do I know if this one is for me? I believe only you can answer this question. Will you give yourself permission to trust your inner knowing? I invite you to pause, breathe, and notice how you are feeling as you lean into the energy of these pages. Are you feeling called to awaken to the Truth about repetitive feelings, behaviors, and/or symptoms showing up in your life right now? If so, is this the mirror you’d like to reflect you back home to yourself?  I hold the vision that you make a decision that honors you. Of course I’d love to have you join our Messages From Shadow family if you’re feeling the call!   Can I place a wholesale order for  Messages  From  Shadow oracle decks? Yes! We’re currently fine-tuning this process and we’d love to talk with you about this opportunity. If you’re interested in placing a wholesale order, please email us at wholesale@kerinola.com and someone from our team will be in touch shortly about the next steps.    I have a question about my purchase, how do I reach someone at  KeriNola.com? We’re here and ready to answer questions about your purchase. The office is generally open Monday through Friday and it is our intention to respond to all emails within 48 hours business hours. Email us any time at support@kerinola.com and someone from our team will be in touch with you shortly. 
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