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I’m Holistic Psychotherapist and Qualified Mental Health Supervisor, Keri Nola and I am passionate about supporting developing therapists who have a willingness to use their supervisory experience as a means to expand their awareness of how they impact the therapeutic process.

I believe in a conscious and mindful exploration of how we as therapists show up with our clients and value the opportunity to be curious about how we are impacted by what clients bring to us for processing and how our reactions then impact our ability to effectively engage in the therapeutic relationship. My psychotherapy practice focuses on viewing clients multi-dimensionally and supporting their healing by integrating an awareness of emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of self.

As a supervisor, I will support you in discovering your own orientation as a therapist and be a guide in helping you evolve your professional identity based on your unique clinical interests and ideas. I am a Qualified Supervisor and currently provide both individual and group supervision for Registered Mental Health Counselor Interns in the Central Florida area. The supervisory experience is a necessary aspect of establishing a strong professional foundation.

I believe that it’s important that you interview potential supervisors and choose according to who best suits your preferences, style, and needs. If we are not a match for whatever reason, I will be happy to offer you recommendations to some of my trusted colleagues. I look forward to scheduling a phone consultation to answer any questions you might have to determine if we would be a match to work together in this capacity.

*Please note that my supervision spots are limited and fill quickly so click below to contact me today to check availability.

Let’s schedule a complimentary consultation to see if we are a mutual fit to work together as you move toward licensure.

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According to the Florida Department of Health, Statute:“491.0045 Intern registration…(3) An individual registered under this section must remain under supervision until he or she is in receipt of a license or a letter from the department stating that he or she is licensed to practice the profession for which he or she applied.” “Chapter 64B4-2, F.A.C. Registered Interns must receive at least one (1) hour of supervision per fifteen (15) hours of psychotherapy face-to-face with clients provided by the intern, with a minimum of one (1) hour of supervision every two (2) weeks.”