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I’m  Keri  Nola (read more about me here), Licensed Psychotherapist and founder of the Sacred Soul Circle, a virtual experience that offers healers support to gently, yet powerfully bring their light work to life.

Every day, I walk alongside awakening souls, mentoring and guiding them inward to remember the full essence of who they are and what they are here on the planet to be and do.

Birthing our work in the world can feel terrifying.

I remember when I opened the doors to my psychotherapy healing practice back in 2005, I was confused, scared and unsure of what it took to build a “successful” healing business. What I knew for sure was that I had an open heart and a deep call to hold sacred space for people to return home to themselves and experience the peace they were disconnected from.

After stumbling around on my own for a bit struggling with the unexplainable ebbs and flows in my practice growth, I finally allowed myself to be supported and gave myself permission to invite a mentor to walk by my side and reflect me back to what was unfolding.

This was a huge turning point for me and my practice.

This mentor helped me understand the role my intention and energy had in building the sturdy foundation that would lovingly hold my work.  I was surprised to realize that as I gave myself permission to receive support, I also began to attract clients who were willing to do the same.

Within a year, I had a full practice, seeing 25+ clients per week and my heart was full of gratitude as I felt deeply connected to the work I was doing and I was experiencing abundance financially as a side effect.

Just like we tell our clients, I realized that it takes courage to ask for help.

What if it was ok to let someone walk beside you on your  journey to offer you a mirror to see what is going on and hold space for you to awaken the gifts within to move forward in the direction of deep abundance and satisfaction?

If you know that now is the time to allow yourself to be supported, I would be honored to see if we are a fit to journey together.

I offer individual and community support and together we customize a sacred experience that resonates with your needs. My work currently includes virtual soul mentorship/coaching experiences and also in person soul intensives in Orlando, Florida and San Diego, California. 

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